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davinci portable vaporizers
davinci portable vaporizers

In the blue corner, we have Apollo’s AirVape Xs featured in:

High Times, Inked, Ganjapreneur and MG.

In the red corner, DaVinci’s IQ, featured in:

Forbes, Inked, The Potlander and Cannabist.

Both incredible vaporizers known to be as the most advanced performing portable vaporizes available on the market today!

But, which one of these two dry herb vapes will claim the



Price Point: The AirVape Xs price: $179   vs.   The DaVinci IQ price: $275

Almost a $100 price difference between the two vaporizers… now we’ve heard that The DaVinci IQ has a few tricks up its sleeve, but is it worth the $100 difference?

Let’s find out…


After viewing the AirVape Xs, you’d think this is an herbal vaporizer you’d find at an Apple Store!  Designed very elegantly, thin body and 1.2 inch display screen.  The DaVinci IQ’s ergonomic design, comfortable to to grip onto and has a 50 LED light grid display.

Both vaporizers feel very solid in your hand, neither dry herb vapes have that “cheaply made” vibe, while the AirVape Xs is thinner, the DaVinci IQ is a tad big shorter/stockier, both discreet vapes and provide a great fit in the pocket.

The AirVape Xs does have a tad more difficulty holding onto its mouthpiece for when you’re on the go… but, Apollo does offer a one of kind, Xs Shell sold separately for only $19.99 to keep the mouthpiece in tact as well as the first water resistant, smell proof vaporizer.

As for the DaVinci IQ, be aware if you screw the bowl off, you won’t be able to screw it back on because it’s on a rubber screw, which is quite interesting.

Both units include the vibration when ready to use feature, which is something that our judges include that this is a great feature that they no longer can do without it!

It’s been a close call so far, not quite any knockouts this round, but lets get into ROUND 2!

Ease of Use:

The DaVinci IQ turns it up a notch with featuring Smart Path, which you can download a free iOS or Android APP to quickly set the temperature.  This is quite a cool and unique feature, but the AirVape Xs is a bit more simple and easier to use.  Settings include the up and down arrow buttons, allowing you to choose your exact desired temperate appearing on the display screen.  You may vaporize with the AirVape Xs anywhere from 200 F to 428 F.



Both units have a Ceramic Chamber, but the fact that the AirVape Xs has convection mixed with conduction, you really notice the difference compared to the DaVinci IQ with 360 degree conduction heating.

Talk about heating, these vapes don’t waste anytime getting to it, these two heat up FAST well under 30 seconds!

The DaVinci IQ does have a little too much running time where the vape does start to get too hot and difficult to hold onto.



Battery and Warranty:

Both vapes use Micro USB charging, which I prefer in case you lose your charger, it’s easy to grab a replacement.

The DaVinci does have a stronger battery life than the AirVape Xs along with a removable battery.  You can use the AirVape Xs while it is charging unlike the DaVinci IQ.  The judges will be siding with the AirVape Xs when it comes to Apollo’s warranty.  Apollo’s warranty does offer battery replacement from up to 6 months of purchase as well as offering a limited lifetime warranty compared to the DaVinci IQ’s 10 year warranty.

Customer Service:

Recently one of our judges had lost their mouthpiece of the AirVape Xs.  When they went onto the website to order another, the mouthpieces were sold out, so they emailed customer service and received a high satisfactory response within 24 hours.

Shortly after that incident, another judge’s DaVinci IQ died, had not been able to turn on the unit or charge it, emailed customer service and it took 5 days to receive a response and after replying to that response another 5 days have passed and not a response from DaVinci’s customer service yet.  Just something to consider before purchasing!




The DaVinci IQ and The AirVape Xs are both incredible, highly advanced performing, portable, dry herb vaporizers!

After reviewing our results of price, design, ease of use, battery, warranty and customer service, we are ready to declare the title of PREFERRED VAPE!

The DaVinci IQ holds a high score of 4.2!


THE AirVape Xs with an outstanding score of 4.5!

portable vaporizers
portable vaporizers

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